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Summer Savings Challenge (FREE Download)

Summer Savings Challenge (FREE Download)

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$250, $500, & $1000 savings trackers are available

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Ready to start the summer off on the right foot?

Imagine this: 

You just  "complete purchase" on your beachfront hotel and received shipment updates about your vacation outfits alllll for your check engine light to come on…

Now the mechanic is telling you the price tag on that repair costs the price of your flight 😭

Expect the unexpected…Life be lifin’ but, don't it stop you from being outside!

Gain control of your finances & join my new Summer Savings Challenge  

Here’s what’s in store: 

💎 FREE Budgetnista downloadable trackers: Track your progress and stay motivated with our easy-to-use templates

💎 Mid-month & end of month check-ins: Get support and stay accountable with our community through social media.

💎Flexible goals: Choose a savings goal that fits you, whether it's $250, $500, or $1000 you can start padding your account

Don't miss out - the Summer Savings Challenge starts today 📅


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